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Taylan kauçuk


Located in the inner bark of the tree Hevea brasiliensis latex, body eluting from the drop slot is collected and coagulated.

Molecules that contain double bonds in the structure represents the degree of unsaturation. Double bond unsaturation degree is related to the number and activity. For example, sulfur vulcanization rubber or oxygen and ozone which cause degradation reaction are those bonds that.

They have a broad molecular weight distribution therefore exhibit excellent workability properties. Ring structure is related to biological status.

Natural rubber is a regular structure in the property is capable of high levels of crystallization. Rubber is prestressed and crystallization at low temperatures. Crystallization of the physical properties are positive features offered.

  • High degree of tensile strength.
  • High tear and wear resistance.
  • Raw dough strength
  • Good dynamic characteristics.
  • Easy workability
  • Low permanent deformation values ​​and leveling properties